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We make history fun, exciting and applicable in 21st century NYC!! Through the art of storytelling, we'll explore 516 years of New York history with a focus on immigration, food and alcohol all while bringing strangers together from around the world.

Our Team


Rory Lipede

Rory’s experience as a NYC tour guide spans the better part over a decade and has helped cement her reputation as one of the most sought after tour guides in town. Indeed, Rory had the honor of being named one of New York’s top 8 tour guides. In light of her unwavering five-star reviews and status as a coveted gold star tour guide licensee with the city of New York, Rory is in high demand and most recently received a nomination for women in Tourism. Her exuberance, theatricality, passion and extensive knowledge of the city’s history speak for themselves. Rory continues to grow and foster relationships under the mentorship of many of the most renowned historians of NYC. 



Armed with his tour guide background, training in musical theatre, and ability to soak up random history like a sponge, Ryan is excited to hit the streets with Telltale Tours! Originally from San Jose, California, and spending his college years in Miami, Florida, he has always felt the draw of New York City and its rich, vibrant, and oftentimes disturbing history. Come along and have some laughs and drinks soon!

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Having earned a dual degree in performance and history, Kamala is excited to finally have a chance to put them both to use at once. Come out and hear about some facts they probably don't teach you in school and enjoy a few drinks along the way!





Anna Riggins. is a recent graduate from Boston University where she studied Theatre Arts. She has training in not only acting, but also producing, directing, and writing. 



From Hollywood to Broadway, Arielle’s ready to show you the secrets of NYC’s past and weigh in on which coast is superior (spoiler alert: New York is!). Actor by day, tour guide by night, she combines her love of storytelling, history, and cocktails to give you an unforgettable experience. Join her and get ready to booze, schmooze, and step back in time.



ctor, teacher, and born-and-raised New Yorker, Sarah is ready to take you on a tipsy journey through the past. She graduated with a dual degree in Women’s Studies and Music from Barnard College. With her love of history and cocktails, join Sarah on an unforgettable tour through her hometown.



ctor, history buff and rookie cocktail shaker, Gwendolyn is ready to show you all the hotspots in NYC. This Brooklyn-born storyteller knows this city well and is excited to connect with new people and party the night away! 



atie is just a girl from Ohio who is ecstatic to be in the big city! Actor, singer, and avid traveler means she has an obsession with storytelling and showing people her new city. Combine all that with her sparking personality and the vibrant nightlife of NYC and you get hands down the most fun tour you could embark on. Come find out what it’s all about!




With a magnetic smile and an endless supply of wit, Tom is not just your guide, he’s your best mate on your night out! Originally from Upstate NY, Tom is a stand-up comedian, history buff, and former llama trainer who loves a good cocktail and a great vibe. Let’s party!”


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