To make history fun, exciting and applicable in 21st century NYC!! Through the art of storytelling, we'll explore 516 years of New York history with a focus on immigration, food and alcohol.



Telltale Tours

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Our Mission

Rory (Founder/Operations Manager


Rory’s experience as a NYC tour guide spans the better part of a decade and has helped cement her reputation as one of the most sought after tour guides in town. Indeed, Rory had the honor of being named one of New York’s top 8 tour guides in 2015. In light of her unwavering five-star reviews and status as a coveted gold star tour guide licensee with the city of New York, Rory is in high demand. Her exuberance, theatricality, passion and extensive knowledge of the city’s history speak for themselves. As a member of The New York City Tour Guides Association, she continues to grow and foster relationships under the mentorship of many of the most renowned historians of NYC.




Our Guides

Tim Dowd


A tour guide with a taste for the dark and nerdy bits of NYC's history, Tim was born and raised right here in NYC and loves nothing more than proving to everyone else why it is the best city on earth. If you disagree, please join us for one of our tours where you can drunkenly yell at him that he is wrong.